Get MADE | Cross Media Marketing & Design
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Your success is our motivation.
Our mission is to increase your revenue by brand building.

We’re specialized in media marketing for luxury & leisure products.

Reasons to work with us

mobile first

All the content we create for you is either responsive or mobile friendly, because the majority of people nowadays consume the content on their mobile devices

brand awareness

we build you an audience on multiple channels and grow a fan community for you


We have an international network around the globe, so that we can operate around the world for you.

longterm partnership

It is important to cultivate our relationship to our clients so that we can accompany you to your success. The more you grow we grow with you. It is a win-win situation.

performance marketing

We measure our work and success with Key Performance Indicators that we share with you.

marketing mix

We build you multiple streams from where you can get your customers.

time saving

save yourself time watching youtube videos on how to do marketing. We take care of marketing so you can concentrate on your strengths and the value you deliver to your customers.

concierge service 24/7

Always on for you. Like you we serve our clients when business needs to get done we are there for you.

Conversion optimization

Let us help you to close more deals immediately.

agil & adaptiv

In a world that is constantly shifting and changing we help you to adapt to the circumstances of today.

real talk

We will be straight forward to you, if we see problems and be honest to you if we do not know it and help you to find the solution to your problem.

build measure learn

We usually have a gut feeling on how we can help you but we will always put metrics in place so during the process we can learn from mistakes and improve over time.

knowledge transfer

We share our knowledge with you and you will profit from us because you do not have to spend the amount of money we did on seminars and workshops.


We keep you and your website, social media up to date.

step-by-step system

Easy step by step system in which we help you to implement the tools for your marketing that we provide you with.

street smart

We gained our knowledge in the real world. We have had projects that we still run till today. We do not sell you bullshit that you do not need.

track record

We have been in the market since 2010 and have guided many clients through the process.

Customer Relationship Management

Did you know that the acquisition costs for a new customer are 5 times higher the the retention costs of keeping an existing customer? We support you to build your own customer relation management.

save money

Investing in an agency is saving you so much money on seminars, workshops, mistakes and the time of your employees.

instant growth

Besides our expertise in marketing we know so many more ways to create you instant revenue. It is not about advertising it is about our clients making profits!

risk free

We promise you our best. But you have always a 30 days money back guarantee. We believe that we serve you so well that you do not want to leave us!

all at one place

We create your content with our photographers, cameramen and coders in-house, so it is a seamless experience for you.

network synergies

We have built an extensive network over the years which we work with. You can profit from that by being introduced to other business partners and or special deals that we have exclusively for our clients.

infield experience at POS

We have also the experience of more then 10 years at the Point Of Sales for some of the top tech brands. When we talk about closing it is not the door.

target group marketing

Targeting the right customer group is an art and also keeping bad customers away.

different price levels

We do not know where you are at the moment but we are sure that we have the right package for you at a decent price.

always up to date

We continuously keep growing our knowledge for our clients so you can profit from that, too.